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Paris 100

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Paris 100 is a series dedicated to promoting the Greatness that’s within this city. Through the use of interviews, short films, and documentaries, selected guests will have the opportunity to expose their business and themselves to Paris and the world.

La Pelucherie

Co-Founder of La Pelucherie, Alexandra Rapaport, shares her story and gives advice on selling products online. La Pelucherie sells the softest, most authentic plushes possible, made by hand in Italy and shipped to you with care and love!

Blisshood Paris

Founder of Blisshood Paris discusses motherhood and transferring values to her child. Blisshood Paris is a  community devoted to expat moms to help them maneuver the twists and turns of family life, career, and personal growth. She believes that through building self-confidence and personal skills, mothers can live their authentic selves. 

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