Connecting People Through 'Edutainment'

Media is one of the most powerful methods to spread ideas, inspiration, and education. Through our content, we believe in creating meaningful content to uplift people as well as involve businesses and Entrepreneurs to our campaign. 

London 100


Sharing Stories

Participants will take part in a thorough interview to educate viewers bout their business's products and services. 

Promoting People

We provide a strategic online and offline Marketing plan to ensure people are watching and buying from our participants.

Providing Our Services

We provide professional Video-Production and Photography to our participants along with the Interview.

Dope Talk Shanghai

An educational/entertainment series to inform viewers about business practices in Shanghai, China. Season 1 includes 10 professionals from the Jewellery, Fashion, Sustainability, Design, Consulting, App, and social development industries.

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Shanghai 100

‘Shanghai 100’ is a free online video platform that promotes individual Entrepreneurs and social organisations in Shanghai. The goal is to share stories as well as build a community of top professionals of Shanghai. All videos filmed and edited in Shanghai by Amadeus Frazier.

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