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‘Shanghai 100’ is a free online video platform that promotes individual Entrepreneurs and social organisations in Shanghai. The goal is to share stories as well as build a community of top professionals of Shanghai. All videos filmed and edited in Shanghai by Amadeus Frazier.

Season 1


Letter from Amadeus
This is the journey of how I arrived to Shanghai with very little, and within six months, I was able to build a reputable brand. I interviewed top professionals, and covered events for free. I soon became well-known in Shanghai as the Video-producer and was then able to build a Global Network.

This is a collection of my amateur work, but I love watching it to see the youthful spirit embedded in each video. At the time, these videos were created under the brand ‘AF Media’.

‘Amadeus Frazier Media’ is a Video content provider for Entrepreneurs and small business. We Develop Original stories, organise and film events, and document Speeches that Educates, Motivates, and Inspires our audience. ‘AF Media’ provided original content such as ‘Dope Talk’ and ‘Shanghai 100’ and works with companies to develop their own Brand Communication through corporate videos, and content creation.


Do you call yourself a Real MC?​

Rodney Hollingsworth talks about the music industry in Shanghai. Ghost-writers, Fake Rappers, Producers are allowed to have ghost-writers

The Business of Design

Victor Chi Sun Design is an independent studio based in Shanghai (China) that combines global experience with a deep understanding of the Chinese marketplace. The team is a dynamic group of experienced and creative designers and branding experts with different specializations and multiple perspectives.

For the Love of the City

Amadeus Frazier sits down with Glen K. to talk about the Exhibition industry in Shanghai

Oxford Grooves

Amadeus Frazier sits with William Taylor Hood to discuss the Music scene in Shanghai.

Bright Like Diamonds

Shanghai Diamond Exchange was authorized to set up by the State Council on October 27, 2000 as a factor market and the only transaction platform for the import and export of diamonds in China. Selina explains the diamond industry in Shanghai.

Following Greatness

Shawnie Grant introduces herself and talks about her most inspirational muses

Israel Meets China

Gabriel talks about the Political Relationship between Israel and China.

The Path of a Painter

Kae Lee talks about the Path of Becoming a Self-made Successful Painter in Shanghai.  

The Freedom Fashion Brand

QZ Shen talks about the Building of his Fashion Brand (MY FIRST INTERVIEW IN SHANGHAI)

Suffer for Greatness

Sebastian talks about the becoming of a Tattoo Artist in Shanghai.

The Real F***in Deal

Tattoo Artist Jia Bao explains why he’s the BEST Tattoo Artist in Shanghai.

Mobile Marketing in China

Rajan to talk about the best Marketing Practices in China. China mobile marketing has been become increasingly important for the Chinese market and has huge potential in the future. 

Fight for a Cause

Thierry Melango shows explains the ‘Fight for a Cause’ initiative to raise funds for a Chinese orphanage.

Tailer Your Path to Success

Linda Talks about her Tailored Suit Business in Shanghai and explains her Path to Success in the city.
Translated by Sebastian Roehling

Do you even lift?

Ethan talks about how train your body in a practical manner. High Intensity Training (HIT) is a form of strength training popularized in the 1970s by Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus. The training focuses on performing quality weight training repetitions to the point of momentary muscular failure.

Roses Are....PINK?

RosaDoli is a Honey Rose Tea Product. Here is the 2017 SIAL Presentation in Shanghai.

Women's Self Defense

Sophie from the WIL (Women in Leadership) Organisation talks about Self-Defense classes in Shanghai.

Beers and Better Networking​

Brendan and Momo talk about their innovative Networking Events in Shanghai.

Celebrating Social Impact

Enrico from Doo+ celebrates Social Innovation in Shanghai

The Commune Market

Amadeus Interviews several vendors in the Shanghai Commune Market

Increasing Productivity with the 7 Egos At Work

The Power of the Ego
Lesson by: Miguel Cerna

Surviving in the Restaurant Industry

Currently the restaurant group owns 6 restaurants in Shanghai: 3 Boxing Cat Brewery locations, Liquid Laundry Kitchen & Brew, Lil’ Laundry Taproom, Cobra Lily Modern Asian.

Entrepreneurship from the Ground Up

Lean Startup Machine runs three-day intensive workshops where entrepreneurs learn how to build products with huge market potential.

Overcoming China's Digital Firewall

Susan speaks on Overcoming the Chinese Digital Firewall and Managing a Website in China.

How to Dramatically Improve your Health​

Lizzy’s All Natural was started by American Holistic Health Coach Elizabeth Schiefflin in 2013 when she started making her own natural home-made smoothies for her health coaching clients and friends while in Shanghai.

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