The Power Of ¢urr£nc¥

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Learn more about Amadeus Frazier and his personal en-devours outside of his Branding and Marketing services 

How to Become a Rich De$igner

Architecture and Design (ArcDes) 

Shanghai, China

Amadeus shares his experiences of living in Shanghai, China. He teaches the audience how to build 'Currency' and how he doubled his income in just six months.

Maintaining through Change

AF Talks: Building Scale 

Shanghai, China

Amadeus served as the moderator for a Panel of Business owners and Entrepreneurs in Shanghai. His idea of maintaining the brand consists of constant evolution. This is what keeps people interested throughout time. Relevancy in one's industry is achieved continually pushing to new levels of excitement.  

Zero to 100 Your Personal Brand


Brunel University: TV Production Workshop 

London, United Kingdom

To build a Global Brand, you need to act with incredible URGENCY. Move Quick and meet as much people as possible. My philosophy is that people are paramount in order to expand. In order to build a strategy of Brand Growth, you need to focus on incorporating other people into your vision. 

Practical Advice for Promoting Your Brand Through Videos


University of London: TV Production Workshop 

London, United Kingdom

Fame is the new currency. Whether you are building your business, developing a brand, or establishing yourself as an industry leader, people need to know who you are. If you have a standard camera and adequate audio equipment, you can be building out a show to not only promote your services, but to get people to pay you to be apart of the show. 

Rotary Reach Performance


Rotary Conference: Rotary Reach Performance 

Michigan, United States 

Largest live-crowd performance with over 200+ people with TV broadcasting. An initiative to offer more Rotary scholarships to individuals from adverse backgrounds.  Central States Rotary Conference. Rotary Reach Spoken word performance.

Road to Mastery


Rotary Meeting: Life After Living in Japan

Wisconsin, United States  

A  year in Japan was a lifetime experience. In this video, I reflect on the journey going into Japan and life inside one of the mos exciting countries in the world. In addition, I announce of my earliest philanthropic initiatives.