The Story

One of the first videos I created was for my host family in Japan. I created a seven minute video to highlight some of the beautiful moments we experienced together. As the video was ending, I heard sniffles and tears. Then my host mother said 'くらい' which, in context meant  'I can't see' as I faded the video to black. Then the video ended, and my Host-Family Bursted into tears.

That video is now private on my YouTube Channel and I cannot watch it or listen to the song without getting emotional.

This was the seed that was planted. That I can move people with my creativity. That I can evoke emotion and create long-lasting memories with my work. Fast forward a few short years after, I've now worked in Shanghai, New York, London, and Osaka for many different companies and Entrepreneurs. After years of being a self-taught creative, my goal with each project is to create a deep impact. Like that of the video I made for my Host-Family.   

The Mission

I created this brand with the sole intent to produce and promote greatness. This involves working with my customers to build powerful and influential creative content. As well as working with Entrepreneurs and businesses to expand the reach of their brands. 



Previously 'AF Media', The Great Media organises and sponsors events to bring together Business Professionals from different industries. We've hosted events in Shanghai and New York.

Web Series

We Create what we call 'Edutainment'; Content that educates and inspires our audience to take action. However is delivered in a creative way. 

We create series for our customers as well as sell series to our partners.


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